How acupuncture and ear seeds can help you lose weight

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Can acupuncture and ear seeds really help you lose weight?

I often get calls from people who are wondering if acupuncture or ear seeds can help them lose weight. Many have tried a variety of diets over the years, and haven’t found lasting results. Some people feel stuck and have plateaued with their efforts. Others are newly inspired to lose weight and are looking for support. Every person is unique, and I find that a tailored approach is most effective to helping people lose weight.


How do acupuncture and ear seeds help someone lose weight?

It’s important to look at each person as a whole and understand their history. Acupuncturists take time to do a thorough intake and health history review with every patient. This enables us to identify any energetic imbalances and potential underlying issues that may make it difficult to lose weight. In an acupuncture treatment, an acupuncturist inserts small needles about the width of a hair into the skin to stimulate acupuncture points. Points are chosen to address any energetic balances. For example, a point commonly used in a treatment to help weight loss is the “craving control” point found on the tragus of the ear.


Ear seeds are a great addition to a treatment, and can also be used on their own. An ear seed is a small sphere. It stimulates an acupuncture point on the surface of the ear. Ear seeds attach to the ear with adhesive tape that looks like a band aid or clear surgical tape. They work by exerting a gentle pressure on the acupuncture point. In addition, patients can press their ear seeds for more stimulation. Patients can wear ear seeds for up to five days.


Ear seeds are also a standalone treatment for people who are afraid of needles or who are not able to see an acupuncturist. Ear seeds are a lower cost option for people who cannot afford acupuncture treatments. For example, a weight loss ear seed kit can be purchased for use at home. The kit contains the ear seeds, an application tool, and instructions. You can read more about ear seeds in the All about ear seeds and auriculotherapy blog.


Research studies on acupuncture, ear seeds and weight loss

There have been a number of research studies showing that acupuncture and ear seeds can help people lose weight. The company that created the ear seeds weight loss kit has identified five great research articles on this topic:


How long does it take?

People often ask how long it takes to see results from an acupuncture treatment. This is a difficult question to answer because every person is different, and it really depends on their individual response to the treatment. Additionally, it is often necessary for people to consider lifestyle changes to support weight loss. Eating healthy foods and getting exercise are essential to a healthy lifestyle and weight. Mindfulness practices like meditation can also be very effective. In addition, getting restful sleep every night can help curb cravings. Generally, people can reasonably expect to see results after about 6 to 10 treatments. After that, they will typically start noticing other benefits, like feeling more relaxed or improved sleep, much sooner than that.

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